Our Simple Certification Process

MSPO Certification may sound daunting to business-owners who are used to their age old practices. There’s always concern that non-conformities may be found in the business operations which may result in a lengthy, costly journey towards compliance.

The Malaysian Standards MS2530 series provide general principles for the implementation, establishment and improvement of the operational practices of sustainability to ensure sustainable production of palm oil.

The MSPO Standards contains seven (7) principles which form the general requirements of a management system framework, based on the three pillars of sustainability, i.e. economically viable, socially acceptable, and environmentally sound. Click here for more information.

Each of the seven (7) General Principles have specific Criteria and Indicators that ECCO will use during audit to determine compliance. The organization that meets the requirements of the MSPO will be able to obtain certification under the standard.

We’ve created the following chart to illustrate the certification process in the simplest way.

ECCO strives to empower sustainability for the people and the planet by independently certifying organizations.
ECCO will be the driving force as an executor of high-quality standards and sustainability initiatives in the world.